Current Watershed Conditions

Central Arkansas Water is always keeping an eye on natural watersheds in our area. Use the follow tools to learn more about the current conditions of local watersheds near you.


Understanding the rules to follow and the reasons for these rules are the first steps in doing your best to encourage a safe and healthy watershed.

New Rules 2023

What Central Arkansas Water Does

For the Watershed

Because watersheds are natural barriers for many water pollutants like oil, chemicals and sewage, they take care of some of the work in keeping your tap water clean and healthy. Letting nature take on some of the workload helps Central Arkansas Water keep prices down and quality high for all its customers. As a result, keeping watersheds healthy is a big part of what we do.

In order to keep watersheds healthy and working as nature intended, Central Arkansas Water takes a multi-faceted approach. From advocating supportive policies to establishing standards for water treatment to educating the public about the importance and fragility of watersheds, we work every day to keep clean water on people’s minds and in their glasses. Here are some of the specific services we provide.

Land Acquisitions and Conservation

Forest Management

Restoration & Reforestation


Wildlife and Recreation

Education and Outreach

Risk Mitigation and Emergency Response

Why It Matters

Clean, affordable water is a pillar of sustainable modern life. Maintaining the quality and cost of clean water is only possible with the help of healthy, natural watersheds. Whether we realize it or not, there are many reasons why healthy watersheds should be a concern to everyone.

Exceptional Water Quality

Healthy watersheds naturally improve water quality and reduce treatment costs.

Ecological Stewardship and Opportunities

Monitoring and protecting natural watersheds is everyone’s responsibility.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Conserving water is important. Protecting the natural systems that help produce clean water is essential.

Landscape Restoration

Improving water quality begins with restoring healthy watersheds.

Citizen Science

Monitoring watersheds is a team effort. Central Arkansas Water relies on local citizen scientists to help monitor watersheds around the state. Follow the link to learn more about how you can join our efforts by reporting on watersheds in your area.


Watersheds are nature’s way of cleaning water. The more nature can do to assist the process, the lower the cost of clean water. From public policy to personal responsibility, Central Arkansas Water is involved at every level of watershed management.

Latest Updates

Understanding the facts is the first step in advocating clean water. Stay up to date with the latest news and regulations affecting water quality and watershed management in Central Arkansas.